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A.D.C. News:
February 10, 2001
Today's the last day of the A.D.C. I'd like to say 'later' to you artists, cuz' I won't be updating this web site any longer. My former e-mail address has been changed sorta early to:
You may find my breakdancing crew's web site sometime later around the 'net, but I won't give away the URL here. If you happen to search around some b-boy sites and the webmaster's name is Danny Jun, then you've probably found it. I just can't and won't put it up on this site, cuz' it'll sorta be false advertising, which makes me feel stupid. So, to you artists out there...never give up that thing you find yourself doing all of your life. Don't groan over a silly mess up, or even a tough project, cuz' you always gotta stay positive. Alright? Be seeing ya... ~Min

February 1, 2001
I'm sad to report the end of the Anime Drawing Center. In about a week, it will be the inevitable fate of the A.D.C. The reason is that I'm too busy to update this site any longer. Let's see...who should I began apoligizing to? I'm most sorry to the artists of the A.D.C.; Ben, Andrew, Mark, Nick, Brandon, Russell, David D., And Mike. You guys just worked too hard for the site, and you've supported me all the way.  I'm also sorry to Shawn, David H., and Cory, for not giving them the chance to join the site. Lastly, I'm incredibly sorry to you fans and artists out there. I dunno why, I just am. In about 1 month, I will delete my e-mail account, Please do not try to contact me in a month, as the address will be useless. But if you still wanna contact me, I will be posting up my new e-mail address for my breakdancing site on the last day. The address for my crew's new web site will also be posted up later. I will be accepting more fan art and drawings for a week, but most other portions of the site will not be getting updates. This doesn't mean that I'll be giving up drawing. It's been my life for 6 years, but I'm gonna put it on hold for just a sec. Keep drawing you guys, and let your passion for art keep ya safe n' happy. ~Min


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